Carnelian sphere on gold metal stand

Carnelian Sphere

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If you are  looking for a stone with a bit of bad ass energy this is the one for you.
Known as the stone of courage, passion and power, carnelian gives you the bit of extra confidence you have been looking for.
Carnelian helps to remove any negative blocks and restores vitality so there is nothing standing in your way to make positive life choices.
Activating the suns energy carnelian sparks passion back into life and leads you to have the confidence and courage to follow your most truest calling.

Activating three chakras (solar plexus/sacral/root) it is also great for manifesting.
Sphere stand sold separately. 

As this is a natural product the stones will vary in shape,  markings and colour. Each stone will be intuitively picked for you and blessed with Reiki before sending. Price is for one piece unless stated.